About Us


We are Sharon & Teddy Mitchener, a husband and wife team doing what we love!
We founded House of Fotography in 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya and focused primarily on photography but common synergies with videography and animation has seen us slowly veer into those art genres. For us, and our vibrant team, it is all about capturing the story through our lenses, as creatively as we possibly can while being completely authentic to its telling.

Over the years we have seen our areas of expertise develop in rather seemingly unrelated fields, from commercial to industrial and swinging wildly to weddings and studio portraiture. While we also do everything in-between, these are the key pillars upon which we have built our enterprise.
Under-guarding these key pillars, is Our Foundation which is based on strong Christian principals. As a team, we undertake projects using our skills, talents and networks to positively impact the community around us and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We welcome you to our House…enjoy your stay!