No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house…. Matthew 5:15

This was definitely a watershed moment for House of Fotography. We launched “the very first of its kind in this region,” contemporary photography magazine. The event was held at a Bloggers Association of Kenya  (B.A.K.E) experiential event, graced by OGW, C.S Anne Waiguru. The magazine seeks to engage practitioners and lovers of photography, and has a deep bias to all things African. This is the first of many initiatives that we will bring to the scene, that seek to widen and deepen the practice of photography in the region. To read magazine issues, access via


This was a fun shoot done with a cool hip kid wanting to know more about the life of a Photographer. Our vision at house of Fotography is to craft a legacy that spurs the next generation towards being the very best photographers, and videographers, that they can be; that a career in visual arts is very much a valid career choice such as architecture, medicine and legal studies, just to name a few; your dreams are valid!


This was definitely one of the more exciting shoots we have done to date. Sauti Sol, voted the Best African Act MTV EMA 2014 are the quintessential African pop band in all ways. They have a distinct style that blends their individual unique talents and personalities to produce award winning tracks. However, what stood out for us was the camaraderie with which they relate to one another and those around them, under-guarded by such gracious humility…go #SautiSol